Country Heat

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Country Heat Learn MoreHello, my name is Susan. I’m one of those people who has always had the desire to lose weight but never so much that I really put a ton of effort into it. It was on my new year’s resolution list for a multitude of years. I never felt like I was hugely overweight but I knew I had some “lovin” I could get rid of. Country Heat from BeachBody was the change I needed.

I have tried a lot of different products to try to inspire me to lose weight and keep the weight off but I wasn’t really ever able to stick with any of them. The P90X was great but it took so much time every day it was hard to keep with. Piyo was great but lost my interest after a while and it just wasn’t for me.

Then not too long ago I came across Country Heat. The first time I saw the commercial for it I was hooked. I love country dancing, being from Austin, TX it’s a big thing around here. I had never really done much because I always felt clumsy and not really coordinated. But it looked relatively easy and like a lot of fun, something I could actually do every day. Not to mention the 30-day risk free trial is always a bonus.

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I found it on the front porch after getting home from work one day and decided to preview it after dinner just to see what I got myself into. I couldn’t believe it but it was so simple and fun that I ended up doing a 20 minute session after eating dinner that night, in my work clothes! I was astonished at how much I liked it. Needless to say I had no problem doing it each day.Susan

When I first started doing Country Heat I weighed about 153 pounds. I was able to do Country Heat almost every day for a whole month because it didn’t take much time out of the day and it was easy. After just one month of doing the dances I lost 29 pounds and was at a weight of 124 pounds! I was blown away at how well it worked even though it was so easy.

With such good results I continued my dancing and dropped an additional 12 pounds in the next few weeks. As you can see in my picture, I’ve even got my own cowgirl dancing boots now! I love how many different dances there are and the songs are some of my favorite ones to listen to.

One thing that I found extremely helpful was the Tupperware set that came with my DvDs. There are 7 little Tupperware boxes for different things like veggies, fruits, proteins, nuts, dressings and healthy fats. This made it incredibly easy to plan out my meals, as well as the helpful meal guide that came with the whole set. My food was delicious and quite filling. When I first pulled it out I thought I would still be hungry after each meal and I was always satisfied with how much I got.

Country Heat was an easy, fun, and entertaining dance workout that I would recommend to anyone. Plus, there’s nothing to lose with the 30 day risk free trial, and upgraded expedited shipping for free.

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Dance Off the Pounds