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Country Heat Results

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Many people will get many different results from Country Heat as with any workout program. What’s different about Country Heat though is that the results come very easily and move off quickly. I noticed a big difference in my weight just in the first week of doing it. After a total of about 7 weeks I lost a total of 41 pounds! I lost 29 pounds in the first month then another 12 pounds the following weeks. Country Heat results in a slim outside and healthy inside body.

I personally started doing the Country Heat dance workout because it appealed to me. It looked fun, fairly easy to do, and I learned something useful while losing weight. As you’ve probably read already in my Country Heat reviews, I actually found the DVDs and packet on my front step when I got home from work one night. I put it on just to start learning the moves and see what it was like but had no intention of doing any workout.

Surprisingly enough just after about 10 minutes of watching it I was off of the couch and actually doing it in my workout clothes! I’m sure that will not be the case for most people but it was so easy and fun that I jumped right into it. I have NEVER had that happen to me before. Trying P90X, Piyo, Brazil Butt Lift and many other workout programs, none of them inspired me so much as to jump right into it. Not only that but I was able to keep doing it for weeks and weeks without skipping a day.

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It only takes 20-30 mins per dance workout which is no time at all. The great thing about it too is that I didn’t necessarily have to be in workout clothes to do it since actual country dancing isn’t done in form fitting, tight, spandex clothes. I was able to do it in my jeans and blouse with my actual cowgirl shoes on if I wanted to.

The songs were great as well, it was easy and fun dancing to my favorite country songs and hearing new ones that I wasn’t too familiar with. They had a good mix of classic and new country songs depending on the workout for that day. It is always changing so I never got bored doing the same thing over and over again like most workout programs.

Now that I’ve lost over 40 pounds in just a number of weeks I have been able to enjoy doing more things like biking, hiking or going walks, running errands without being dead tired and so on. I have so much more energy now and feel like a whole new person. It was also really fun going and buying a new wardrobe to fit into. Needless to say TJ Maxx and I became really good friends.

Country Heat results will vary, but for myself it worked awesome. My sister also started doing it after she saw how much weight I lost. In her first month she actually lost 33 pounds! I was a little jealous that she beat me but I’m just glad we’re getting healthier, losing weight and enjoying ourselves much more.

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