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Hey, Susan here. I wanted to give an update on how things have been going since I lost my original 29lbs doing Country Heat country dance workout. When I decided to buy Country Heat I weight over 150lbs which I was not very happy about. After losing my initial 29lbs I lost another 12 pounds for a total loss of 41lbs! I don’t even know how I carried all that weight around before.

When I think back to before Country Heat I can’t even imagine putting on a 40lb weighted vest and walking around with that on. That is essentially what I was doing before I decided to buy Country Heat.

Country Heat is extremely affordable and is absolutely worth its weight in gold. Many places sell it for over $100 because it’s absolutely worth that much. The link I’ve provided in here though is the best price you can get anywhere which is $60.

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The one question that many people don’t ask themselves is $60 really that much to make your body, mind and heart finally feel good about yourself? It truly is not that much at all when we think about it. I know that $60 is absolutely nothing in the grand scheme of things. My husband and I spend over $60 just to go out and eat dinner and everybody does that. So rather than spending that much money on one meal that we both know won’t help remove the weight off our hips, put it towards Country Heat.

There are a lot of fun things that I learned from doing the workout program. Not only did I learn fun and easy dance moves but I also learned about how to have portion control. That is one of the biggest things that I never really felt worked in any of the other programs I used. They all claimed to have great cook books that came with the system.

I realized after a few different weight loss products that they really don’t provide good cook guides for eating healthy. Rather what I have found that works better than trying to eat plain flavorless food is to have good tasting food in proper portions. This system uses basically Tupperware pieces that make it very easy to put each food group in its own container.

This allowed me to eat whatever is I wanted but I had the right amount of carbs with the right amount of fruit and so on. I never had to second guess what I was eating. The guide even recommends filling the Tupperware to its fullest to make sure I was feeding my body enough fuel to do the workouts.

So if you are like I was where I was unhappy with my body, got tired easily, shy to do things because I wasn’t sure I could them, then this is for you. Don’t hesitate and buy Country Heat so you can be a happier you. I will never regret spending the money to be happy and so much thinner!

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